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"Learning thru Play is one of the best ways to harness a child's natural learning ability"

Here at Plus Play we select quality and safe toys that develop using their imagination.  Feel free to browse our products and enjoy your stay here.

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2 of our best selling product range are featured below. One stems from the USA and the other is directly imported from Denmark. Absolutely child and brain friendly!

Featured Products

Plus-Plus® Mini & Midi Range
Definitely the best thing to come out of Denmark since Lego and the Danish pastry.
The same simple shape of every piece is amazingly versatile. Lay Mini Plus Plus on the table to make 2 dimensional patterns and pictures. Scale them upward for intricate structures.

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Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty
Direct from the USA. Use Thinking putty as a toy, stress ball, a squeeze toy or a therapy putty. Each thinking putty comes with different properties and a handful of super colours.
Whichever the colour or the range, Thinking Putty will provide endless fun and thinking stimulation.

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