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Plus-Plus Midi 100 ( Basic )

Sales price: 59.90SGD
Description 100 Midi Plus Plus - a starter set for advancing imagination!

Give Midi Plus Plus to a child and they know exactly what to do - make cars, flowers, spell their name, design animals. Hand some to an adult and they'll fiddle with them constantly.

All the pieces of Midi Plus Plus have a satisfying rubbery texture and the same unique shape. Gliding smoothly, one Midi Plus Plus piece fits right into another in a myriad of ways, and holds beautifully. Plus Plus is different from the start.

The miniature size is perfect for both children and adults. Lay the 100 brilliant pieces flat on the table to create patterns. Build them up to make structures. Buildings, vehicles, and original designs come together wonderfully.

Created in Denmark, known for minimalist designs with meaningful function.
Plus Plus is proof positive that small and simple can be outright sensational.

Get a set for the kids, and one for yourself. (It's the peacekeeping thing to do.)

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