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Plus-Plus Mini 300 ( Basic )

Sales price: 32.90SGD
Description Hang onto your mini Plus Plus. Kindergartners to coworkers - everyone wants some.

Intuitive construction, so simple that a child can pick up two pieces and know exactly what to do with them. Capable of such intricate builds - adults and kids alike are into Plus Plus.

With their subtle rubbery texture and the smooth gliding ease of fitting one shape right into another - Plus Plus is different from the start.

With surprisingly gentle pressure, rigid Plus Plus pieces neatly interlock and hold together. The one simple shape of all 300 pieces is incomprehensibly versatile. The miniature size is perfect for older children and adults.

Lay the 300 brilliant pieces flat on the table to create patterns. Build them up to make elaborate structures. Buildings, vehicles, and original designs come together beautifully. Get them for the kids, and hope they’re good at sharing. (One of life's little pleasures is a handful of Mini Plus Plus on your desk at work.)

Created in Denmark, known for minimalist designs with meaningful function. Plus Plus is proof positive that small and simple can be outright sensational.

300 Piece Mini Plus Plus
  • Minimalist plastic construction toys with maximum design potential
  • Easy-glide interlocking function
  • Special rubbery texture exterior
  • Colorful creations hold together well for display
  • Each mini Plus Plus piece measures approximately .75 x .5 inches
  • Mini size is ideal for older children and adults
  • Includes 300 Mini Plus Plus pieces
  • High quality plastic construction
  • Precision crafted in Denmark
  • Fun for a wide ranges of ages

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