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Plus-Plus Mini/Midi 3000/400

Sales price: 388.00SGD
Manufacturer: Plus-Plus®
Description A mixture of mini and midi pieces - imaginations go into overdrive!
Kids and adults alike can't wait to get started.

SO MANY pieces that fit together any which way you want. You'll forget about everything else except creating.

The texture of the rubbery surface is pleasantly different than other construction toys. The versatility of the same simple shape of every piece is remarkable, and the way one piece glides effortlessly into another - perfectly perfect.

No instructions needed whatsoever. Lay Mini Plus Plus on the table to make 2 dimensional patterns and pictures. Scale them upward for intricate structures.

3400 brilliant pieces give you the biggest Plus Plus bang for your buck. Create spectacular works of art. Engage the whole family in creative fun, - and be assured, this modern building toy will bring pleasure for years to come.

Created in Denmark, known for minimalist designs with meaningful function.
Plus Plus is proof positive that small and simple can be outright sensational.

3400 Piece Mini/Midi Plus Plus
  • The ultimate Plus Plus Mini collection for advancing creativity
  • 3000 Mini pieces in 10 basic colours; 400 Midi pieces in 8 basic colours
  • Minimalist plastic construction toys with maximum design potential
  • Easy-glide interlocking function
  • Special rubbery exterior texture exterior
  • Colorful creations hold together well for display
  • Each mini Plus Plus piece measures approximately .75 x .5 inches
  • 7000 Mini Plus Plus pieces for endless construction
  • High quality plastic construction
  • Precision crafted in Denmark
  • Fun for a wide ranges of ages

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