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Plus-Plus Midi 600

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Sales price: 288.00SGD
Manufacturer: Plus-Plus®
Description 600 Plus Plus for the whole family to enjoy! Constructive excitement for minds of all ages.

Hand children some Plus Plus pieces and they know exactly what to do. Without prompting or instructions - they slide colorful pieces together to create exceptional patterns flat on the table, and elaborate structures that keep moving up!

Subtle rubbery texture, cool shape, and the easy way Plus Plus pieces glide are reasons why building starts. The versatility in Plus Plus design - that’s the reason why building never quits! It's a modern classic you'll keep in the family for years.

An incredible amount of Plus Plus, 600 brilliant pieces in all, means that several people can build at a time - a good thing, since Plus Plus is hard to share. And if you have the good fortune of 600 pieces to yourself, your buildings, vehicles, people, and monsters will be so detailed you'll set them out for all to see.

Created in Denmark (known for minimalist designs with meaningful function), Plus Plus is just another proof positive that when it comes to purposeful design, those folks over there know what they’re doing.

Plus Plus
  • Minimalist plastic construction toys with maximum design potential
  • Intuitive construction, children and adults know just what to do!
  • Easy-glide interlocking function
  • Special rubbery textured exterior
  • Build flat in 2 dimensions or up in 3 dimensions
  • Colorful creations hold together for display
  • Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, white pieces
  • Each large Plus Plus piece approximately 2 x 1.25 inches
  • 600 Plus Plus pieces for intricate structures
  • High quality plastic construction
  • Precision crafted in Denmark
  • Fun for a wide ranges of ages

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